Poop Poles: and other reasons a sloth would make the perfect pet.

This is how I picture M and me... note this angry face of the one being slothed
I've lately become obsessed with sloths. I think it might be because I am always "slothing" M, a practice he swears he hates where I jump on him and sloth hug him annoyingly lovingly and yell 'SLOTH HUG'.  I honestly don't see how anyone could hate hugs... Unless you're heartless and let baby kittens play in the street... which he did once, come to think of it... so I guess it all makes sense.

So yesterday M got me the most amazing and adorable surprise: A Sloth Book!

After reading my great book of sloth in ten whole minutes I went into the YouTube rabbit hole to learn more and have come to the following conclusion: Sloths would be perfect pets.

Reason 1: They are as cute as a pile of kittens that are not playing in the street. 

So much cute in one basket.

Reason 2: They sleep... a lot.  This is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to have a high energy, high maintenance pet that interrupts their naps.  This is especially perfect for me because frankly I. LOVE. NAPS.  Think of the nap time possibilities!
Been up for 10 mins?  Nap time!
Reason 3: They are quiet.  Again this is perfect for nap time.

Better than Bananas in Pajamas 
Reason 4: They look like tiny hairy babies.  This is perfect for all the women out there who want a baby but don't want the full commitment that it brings... also known as 'baby fever'.  Additionally, they never hit those rough middle school years where they start to resent you and you're not cool enough for them anymore.   And you don't have to pay for college later on and they never go off into their own lives leaving you lonely!  They are the child that stays a baby forever!

Reason 5: Poop Pole.   Can I just say how amazing this is.  A sloth only using the restroom once. a. week.  Once.  You put them on the base of a pole and they do their business and thats it.  How perfect?  No picking up piles of poo.  Or stepping in them!  They have their own little designed bathroom area for their once a week breaks.  
Nothing to see here... Just using the facilities. 

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