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Excuses, Excuses

I've been a bad blogger.  I had one hell of a summer.  This summer I have done a lot of new, interesting and bettering things. While I know these are no excuse here are my... excuses.

I moved into my first solo apartment.  And let me tell you, living alone is AMAZING.   The Rehn and I don't have to wear pants, we have quiet study time, and sometimes I don't put the laundry away right away.  (Which is actually not a good thing)  Living alone is also hard because there are a ton more bills that come with it than I thought there would be so I'm basically living the true college experience and living off peanut butter and jelly.  But hey, at least it's decent?  But I can honestly say I am doing this and I am independent and that is the most amazing feeling in the world.

Want to feel old? What the kids are saying part 43243

Since I am SO OVER finals... and I am running out of ways to procrastinate (Yes, even went to gym as a homework break... I know.. I might be ill) here is the latest in the line of "that's what the kids are saying these days?!?!" to make you feel as old as I feel every time I go home.

I swear, sometimes going to talk to my sisters needs an urban dictionary all the time. They speak a different language.  Here are a few things I go out of them this last trip home:

The Struggle is Real: Fights with my Ovaries

I know, I have been a bad blogger and have not blogged in AGES.  Forgive me.  

Here is a bit of my thoughts and musings from today: 

Women's ovaries are like bats with sonar .... A woman can see, hear, be in same general vicinity of a small baby and suddenly PING!  It's like the spidey sense is tingling.  There's a baby in the area!!!!   

Despite where one is in their life .... Married, not married, school, fully protected by birth control... A woman cannot help but find small baby, coo loudly and look longingly with puppy eyes. 

Then I , being the oddball I am, have to have a chat with the ovaries. It usually goes something like this: 

Me: "Be still ladies!  We have a million things to accomplish! School, marriage, job..."

Ovaries: "You hate us!  We give you a nice egg every month and this is how you repay our kindness and gifts ?!? "

Me: "Ladies please!"

Ovaries: "You'll pay for this!  We are friends with Uterus and this month we are gonna make sure it hurts !"

Me: "Why!!" 

All of this occurs in a span of two minutes or until the offending sweet sweet baby is out of sight, smell, earshot ....

The struggle is real.