About Me

My name is Desiree Michelle and here are some random facts about my life.

  • I am a California girl living in Arizona.  I love it. 
  • I am presently in Law School so you better watch out, because I love to start my sentences with "According to the law... " 
  • My best friend is my 93 year old Great Gram. She's pretty amazing.   
  • Lakes are scary. 
  • Contrary to popular belief... Girls DO poop.  And I sometimes talk about it. 
  • I'm obsessed with my Yorkie and take too many pictures of him. 
  • I take photos of everything.   EVERYTHING.  Go follow my Instagram to see some.  
  • I once fell into a gutter full of gutter crap (it smelled like poo) and the most popular boy in the 7th grade rode by on his bike right as it happened.   This is highly traumatic for a 7th grade girl. 

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