Count your blessings...

On days/weeks/months when times are hard, and things are getting me down,  I can't help but remember what my best friend said one day in passing. ... Sit down and name 10 things you are thankful for.

While I have a million things that I am thankful for,
Today I will start with five (in no particular order):

1. My Gram. This woman raised me essentially.  She is my emotional and mental support.  I still crawl into her lap and cry hysterically when things get too tough.  She is my push and my "kick in the butt" (yes, she actually can still kick me in the butt).  This woman came to American in her early 20's with a small child, knowing NO english, and taught herself the language, raised a slew of kids and foster kids and put up with my stubborn grandfather.  She is the strongest woman I know.

2. My sisters.  These three are my life.  I feel like I am their mother.  I essentially raised them and I have the fiercest love for them. I literally would die to keep them safe.  They are my babies and my loves.

3. My best friends.  I have some amazing friends who keep me in check and I can go to with my stupid thoughts, my stupid problems and my silly shenanigans.  They are the friends that have seen me at my best and worst.

4. My boyfriend.  This man is a huge blessing. He has come into my life at such a perfect time and for such a perfect reason.  He is an amazing shoulder to cry on, and knows what to say and what I need when things get tough.  And he still cares for me, even when I make a mess with the tooth paste or leave my clothes all over the floor.

5. Law School.  My God has blessed me with this school.  I always said "no trinity, I want a bigger school, a secular school, etc" but then God opened my eyes and showed me this was EXACTLY where He wanted me.  This is the place that I will fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer.  This is the place that will lay the foundation, one of hope, and helping and knowing that I am nothing without God guiding me.  Even when school is hard, and I am having my meltdowns, I have to remember that this is my dream and my passion and I have all of these amazing people holding me up.

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