This month, one year ago, I got my baby Bogart.  If anyone else has that TimeHop app then you know it can be both a blessing and a curse.   Everyday I see photos of my sweet Boogie and realize just how hard it still is.  I want to print out photos of him and put them up, but I still can't.  Every time I see his sweet, sweet face I can't help but tear up remembering the bond he and I shared and the love I had for this sweet baby pup.  I think it is harder yet that school is so stressful and when school was stressful he was always the one to sit with me while I studied and would relax me.

I miss him.

The other day Ryan asked me if I was ever going to get another dog.  Part of me wants to, but part of me feel like the process is going to be too hard.  That I don't know what I would get.  I am waiting and praying and hoping that IF (B I G IF) I'm to have a new pup, then God will open a door and show me.   In the interim, I still talk to my boogie's little box of ashes.  And still love his sweet toy story blanket that he chewed a bunch of holes in.  And I still look at my photos of his beautiful face and remember that he was such a blessing.  I needed him and he needed me.   Does this feeling ever go away?

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