X-Ray fun

Today I went to the Dr. to put the webMD fears to rest.   Well I am not dying, so thanks a lot webMD!  You have once again steered me wrong!  Although I must admit I am glad of it.

So today I went to the Dr. and she took a ton of tests.  I had a EKG and then blood work (no I didn't pass out!) and then she sent me off to get a chest xray.   All of the day was pretty whatever until I go to the imaging clinic.

Things took a turn for the... interesting.   First of all, for anyone who has not been to the imaging clinic, it's not a nice place.  There are a million people who are less than savory.   So while I was sitting in the lobby patiently waiting to be shot with X-Rays and thinking about the dangers of these rays of X I watched my fellow patients.   There were a few kids, one who went back with me at the same time and had a million! questions.   "Do you like maurry?  Why does this gown look like this?  Where is the bathroom?  did you know you can't use your phone in the X-Ray Room???"  Full of questions but a nice kid non the less.

There was another man who was... interesting.   He came in, stared at people a little too intently, then started talking to the woman in the corner... loudly.   Poor lady had a look on her face that say "why me?"

So that was my experience today.  For anyone wondering, I only have pericarditis, which isn't a big thing at all.   It is a simple inflammation of the tissue in the chest that causes pain and breathing issues but goes away after 3 weeks to 3 months.   Good new WebMD- you were wrong!!'

She did not mind the waiting room at all.  In fact she used it to get in a nice nap. 

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