To Catch A Peeper

One morning back in December, Mom felt someone looking at her, so she looks over to a crack in the blinds and a man is staring in the window.  Now if you know anything about my family you know that we really don't believe in pants... or clothes, and it being morning the girls were getting ready for school thus in a higher state of undress than normal.   Which is a lot I know.  So my mom chases him down but by the time she gets outside he is gone.   Cops are called, long story short, we figure that he won't return because he's been seen.  Peepers generally peep until they get caught right?  WRONG!

So that night the peeper returned!  The girl's friend Ash chases him down and gets a good look.  Cops are called and what happens... It's only a misdemeanor to peep in someone's window.  We can't ID him yet because we didn't see where he went to catch and ID him.   So then we assumed that he wouldn't come back because he was chased twice and  saw the cops twice.  Who takes that many risks right?  WRONG!

So about six weeks pass, and he comes back and is again peeking in a crack in the window.  The gardener saw him and chased him into his apartment!  Cops are called and his baby mama gives him a lame alibi.   So we bring in Ash to ID him.   Thus getting Mom and Girls an EPO (emergency protective order) which basically says that if he comes anywhere near us then he gets arrested.   The only issue with this is that the EPO is only good for five days.  Thus the need for a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order).

Fast forward to court to turn the TRO into a permanent restraining order. Court was a blast.  Essentially the kid who was peeping is a total idiot.  And the judge was great and knew he was completly uneducated and stupid and granted the RO.

So thus the complex my Mom lives in (which is actually a really nice place, just had one bad apple) now has the legal right to evict this kid (he's only 23 and is already started on his life of crime).  Thus he is getting evicted so my mom's place can get it's crime free rating back and get rid of the bad apple that is souring the bunch!

Moral of this story, we took him down.  My mom stood up for her right to not live like a prisoner cooped up in her house with all the windows tightly shut.   Never mess with the Army of Skanks!

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