Muffin Tops, Muffin Butts

Happy Friday!  I realize it has been a while but I was inspired today by my good friends Erin, Anelle and Leinani.

Last night I discovered, much to my puzzlement (Yes, it's a word, look it up), that there is a thing being sold in grocery stores today known as.... MUFFIN TOPS.  And I am not refering to the fashion don't that happens when you are squeezed into your pants from grade school thinking you still rock them.   I'm talking about the fact that you can buy just the top of a muffin.  WHAT!!???

A few very important questions come to mind.

1. Where is the bottom of the muffin, appropiratly deemed the "muffin Butt".  Are they donating this to charity like on Sienfeld?  Or is there a dump filled with butts of muffins past?  I cannot be the only person that is this disturbed at the fact that there are a ton of muffins missing their butts on store shelves. 

2. Who pays for this crap?   Why would you pay that much extra for the top of a muffin?  I'll never know.

I just do not understand a world that involves the amputation of the  butt of a muffin.  Why, cruel world, why?

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