Some people... Tales from the airport.

So here I am sitting at McCarren international, waiting patiently for my delayed flight, and watching the interesting people around me. I feel an airport rant forming:

One- it is the same procedure time after time at TSA. No sir, you may not keep your shoes on, have they ever let you? Oh ma'am your jacket is part of your ensemble? Too bad! Yes sir, the laptop does in fact count as a computer and does need to be taken out. Common sense people.
At this point I do not understand how people are not packed and dressed accordingly. If you know that you'll need to remove your shoes, wear slip ons. Toiletries out of suitcase? Easy solution: put them in front pouch for easy removal so you don't have to take apart your entire suitcase in the airport. Seems simple no?

Two: a delayed flight means just that. Delayed. There is a flight that must take off before ours arrives so sit down and relax. It is not a trick. That plane at the gate designated for JFK is just that... Going to JFK. The airline is not out to get you. Sit down an stop trying to board the wrong flight. How many times do they have to announce it?
And when you do board.... Ummm wait until they call your row. Your seat will still be there, I promise. Why is travel so hard for the masses?

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