The Easter Bunny and the Neck Tattoo

A conversation today with my friend Erin

Me: There is a man walking around in a pink button down with a neck tattoo.  I am not certain what to make of this.  The pink says 'I'm nice and like flowers, springtime and baby rabits' while the neck tattoo and shaved head say 'I can beat your ass in a bar fight'

Erin looks at me like I've lost my mind.

Me: I mean, I get it, you have a neck tattoo as well, but yours really isn't as scary as his. 

Erin: Maybe he wants to kill you and then put you into easter eggs.  Like one body party per Easter egg. 

As I look increduclously at her, with the realization that he might be an easter bunny serial killer, we see him walk into kitchen.  We of course have to get water that second.  I have never been so parched in my life! 

What is this pink wearing neck tattoo sporting man drinking you might ask?  Something intimidating like his neck tat you may think... nah.  Tea.  He is drinking hot tea. 

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