That's one way to kill a bug.

So this morning, I am sitting on the couch, watching the baseball game and putting on my makeup.  Out of the corner of my eye I see a moth flying by.  I swat at him with my mirror for about 30 seconds when suddenly he becomes enraged disoriented and sets off on a kamikaze mission straight for... my eye.

Reflexes take control and I immediately blink to stop this attack, however in my attempt to save myself I end up killing the moth... With. My. Eye.

At that point I figured my day could not get any worse so I took a nap.  That's one way to kill a bug.

On a better note, here are some pictures from my Friday Night at the Queen Mary with some amazing people:

Update: Advertising from my friend Josh:  "Here at DesirĂ©e's Insect Extermination, or, D.I.E., for short, we guarantee that we will use the most unique and original extermination methods you will EVER see! Call D.I.E. today!"

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