Jail bird

Last night I was spending time with M and his family.  His two nieces (both 4) had a pair of fake handcuffs.  Being the adorable kiddos that they are they decided to "arrest  me".    After putting the handcuffs on way too tightly, I asked them what my crime was.

"You pretend hit a car."  

Oh, okay.  Well then to jail I go.   They banished me to the other side of the patio where they built a 'Jail' out of chairs and locked me in.   The prison guards showed mercy on me and fed me lolli pops while incarcerated. 

I asked them about bail, a concept they have not yet grasped.  They asked me what that was and I explained that bail is when someone gives you money to leave jail.  One of them was all on board to get 'monies' while the other, a more strict enforcer of the laws of imagination informed me that I was not leaving jail until she died.  

A life sentence for pretend hitting a car!   The laws of childhood are strict and swift.  No jury, no trial, but at least there are blow pops.  

Needless to say, I eventually plotted and executed my escape and they ran off to arrest uncle M instead. His sentence did not include lolli pops.  Obviously I was a better prisoner.  

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