Lost: Sanity.

The days of lost dog signs have taken a back seat.  I was walking down the street yesterday and I spotted the new age of Lost Item Signage:

A few questions come to mind:
1. Doesn't iphone have "find my phone"?
2. I wonder if she was smart enough to put a different number other than her cell number on the flyer.
3. ummm what?
After doing a double take I had to share the new age of finding lost items.  I'm tempted to make some signage of my own to litter the street poles with: 
 Lost Imagination, last seen running down second street. 
Lost couch, please call if found.
Lost Toe Socks! Could be the dryer, could be a thief.  Please return the warmth to my feet!
Lost: ball point pen!  I had to write this sign with my blood and tears!   


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