Travel Tales: St. Louis

I love to travel. Plain and simple. I love airplanes, I love the adventure, I love the different things you see when you are in a new place.

This past week my friend Erin and I had the opportunity to go to St. Louis for work.   Let's just say when you put the two of us together in a different place things get crazy.

So the flight from LAX to our layover in Dallas was boring uneventful.  Besides the fact that the entire flight was me making a list of all the reasons I love Delta over American and will never fly American again, we landed in Dallas without incident.  When we arrived I of course had to use the ladies room. But first I had to go back and get my camera!  Because this little gem was waiting for me outside:

I suppose the tornado picture could have been a clue.  Don't Judge Me!
Now, let's just state that they had a similar message in STL but it actually said tornado warning, and me, being the Cali girl born and raised, had no idea what this sign could be for.  Ummm do people have explosive diarrhea in this airport?  Do I even want to go into this restroom?  What is this strange place!  I realize things are bigger in Texas, but honestly!

I was so perplexed I of course had to ask the waitress and the bar what this was for.  Where she proceeded to explain to the dumb cali girl that it was for tornados.  OHHHHH.  I can't be faulted here people!  I've never been in a tornado in my life!

The rest of the layover was uneventful, as was the flight from DFW to STL.  But when we landed in STL, that's when things got fun!

First of all, let me say, I LOVE St. Louis.  It's green, it's beautiful, and the people are so kind.  And things are a little bit different.  First, the airports have standard benches at the gates, but this hospitality is extended in that they also have rocking chairs!  That's right! Freaking Rocking Chairs!

After marveling at the chairs we emerged from the terminal to find that Bob was coming home!  Yes Bob!  For those who don't know, STL is a huge USO airport.  Well Bob was apparently coming home and his entire family was waiting for him right outside the terminal.   So Erin and I, being the stalkers  curious people we are, had to stay to watch what this was all about.

Welcome home Bob!  This was the sweetest thing.  His kids ran to him and there were hugs and tears... and a lot of flags.  

Bob's family.  They were so happy Bob was home they didn't notice us creeping. 

Waiting for this mysterious Bob.

Welcome home Bob.  And thank you for your service.  

So from there we met some interesting guys at the rental car place, which gave me the quote of the night:
"Ma'am, how do you want to do for insurance" -Rental car guy
"with my debit card?" - Erin.

He looked at her like she was crazy and explained that he meant what kind of coverage.  At least he was fun.

The fun didn't stop when we got to the hotel.  Oh no, someone clearly had their building plans upside down then they made this wall:

You're drunk wall plug, go home.

The rest of the trip was full of fun and shenanigans, and we even managed to take in a game, and try out the public transportation.  I have a full list of fashion fails from the trip, and some photos to go with it, but those will have to be a different post.

All in all, St. Louis is a beautiful place filled with nice people and a little fun.

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