Me Too... Forever

So yesterday I got a tattoo.  For those of you who know me this is quite out of character for me.  I am not a "tattoo person". I don't like when people have tattoos that are visible, and I especially am not about those that are just getting tattooed to get something done.

This however had meaning.

When my Great Grandfather was still alive, he was a one of a kind man. He and I were always very close. The one quirk he had was when you said "I love you" he would always respond with "Me too".

Shortly after he died my Great Grandmother and I started doing the same.  As our way of remembering him perhaps.  My Gram is my best friend. She is my rock.  She is my life.  She has been my one constant my entire life.  Through the ups and downs, the bad and ugly, my Gram has been the one I run to.

We've now started just saying "Me too" to one another... then giggling like school girls.  This is something only she and I share.

My Gram is going to be 91 this July.  She is still in wonderful health, but I do realize that I won't always have this woman who is my world.   So I wanted to get a piece of her to have always.  I got this, written in her handwriting, to have her with me no matter where I go in life.

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