Rental Car Fail

Last week work sent me to the ever so exotic Salt Lake City.   Talk about a different culture, but that my friends is a different post. 

One of the fun parts of travel is getting to try out different cars when I rent them. Maybe I'm crazy but to me it feels like doing a bunch of test drives without the pressure of a fast talking sales man following you around everywhere you move... 

So this last trip I drove a Jetta.   This  seems like a nice car.  It drives well, and was not bad... until it came to putting gas in it.   

I am rushing off to the airport (typical) and have to stop and "fill it up" per rental car rules... blah blah blah. 

Usually cars have a convenient and easy to find button to open the gas tank... or they open by hand.  All of which I can deal with.  So when I did not find a button I assumed it was a pull open little tiny gas door kinda car.  WRONG.  

I got out and saw the gas door perfectly flush with the car.   So I pushed it a bit... nothing. 

Went back into the car, pulled every lever, pushed every button.  The man who worked at the gas station was on his smoke break and was watching me, but did not stop to help. 

I opened all the doors, the trunk, the hood, pushed every button the car had.  Then got so overwhelmed I did what any smart person in this digital age would do... I googled it.   

Yes, I am ashamed I had to resort to google for how to put gas in this damn car.  Apparently I am not the only one, because there are boards dedicated to how to open the damn gas door on a jetta.  For the record, all you have to do is push the right spot on the door.  

Yes, I do feel stupid, thanks for asking. 

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