My not so million dollar idea

Today I came up with my million dollar idea: A trampoline that floats.  I would call it the Raftoline.... traft?  Raft-oline is way better. 

Anyways, this is a trampoline, with pool noodles woven into the springs so it floats and is essentially the MOST AWESOME RIVER FLOAT/POOL RAFT EVER. 

So I started looking online to get ideas so I could start drawing up plans for my TRILLION dollar idea... I was so excited for the potential.  Not only would my raft be the most awesome raft ever, but it doubles as a run family activity.  And would make me Gazillions of dollars. 

After doing some online research I found someone beat me to it.. and theirs is a dream crusher better.

Back to the drawing board.
They even have a ladder.

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