"I won a dollar!"

Today I am at a golf tournament for my job.  I flew into Boise last night and can honestly say that the pace of life in Boise is slower than the average.  I, being California born and raised am always amused at how here is Idaho, everyone is laid back, enjoys life, takes things slowly.  This place really is one of a kind.  So after taking some event photos I returned to the restaurant/snack shop at the course to check my emails and there was the most ADORABLE group of little old men who had just come off the course. .  

Having grown up so close to my great gram and grampy, I have a very special place in my heart for older people.  Something about them makes my heart warm and puts a smile onto my face.   In fact all my friend's thing I am weird because I always go "I want to hug him/her!"

Anyways... I'm sitting here in my corner, watching their them settle all their golf wagers, silently happy and amused at the process.   There is a group of about 8 men.  One delegating and one arguing with him about how he "won a dollar" and where was his dollar.   The delegating one was trying to explain something about the rules and how he did not in fact win a dollar. 

After one of the men finishes tallying the scores, they all were awarded their winnings.  "Roy, you won $4.00.... Jon, $20! (This was the big winner), Chuck, you won $10... minus the four you owe so here is $6...."  Big winnings.   I assume they are betting quarters or something.  While this is going one, dollar man keeps arguing with delegator about how he "WON A DOLLAR!"

After everyone received their big cash payouts, they all got up to leave and the delegator  goes "I'm out of here... I have to go to the VA Hospital..."

There is something about Boise. 

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