Hold onto your Cell Phone boys and girls

Happy Sunday Poppets,

Ever wondered what it's like to be that person who slows up a flight?  Yeah.... that was me this weekend.

So it started with this photo here:

Ummm?  Her outfit screams call girl but she was going into the admirals club... High Class Escort.?

Whenever we see fashion FAILS, my friend Erin and I immediately text them to one another then proceed to comment as if our jobs were fashion police.

So I was in the process of boarding my flight and texting Erin when I drop my phone out and it lands right on the metal side of the jetway:

Again, I did not take a photo of the actual jetway as my phone was playing hide n seek.

It then proceeds to slide into a perfectly shaped hole!  Did anyone every notice said holes ?  Neither did I!

My first thought is: I would so take a picture of this... if my phone had not been swallowed up by the tarmac!  I start sticking my fingers under this little slot... (don't judge) while people are passing me giving me the "oh I'm glad its not me" look.

Someone alerts the flight crew and THE PILOT comes out to help me.  The PILOT.  As if I wasn't embarrassed enough... After a few minutes of poking things into the slot we realize it actually has a hole in the bottom and my phone has probably fallen onto the tarmac and is a goner.

He goes down to the tarmac to look for it, and note at this point we are still on time but everyone has boarded, and apparently there is a catch that this hole feeds into. AMAZINGLY my phone was alive and well!

I thanked the pilot profusely, and rushed to my seat.  EVERYONE smiling at me in the "oh bless your heart" kind of way.

3 hours later when deplaning the Pilot goes "Hold onto that phone!".

Yeah... I don't make this stuff up.

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