Nothing to see here.... just walking my Balloon

So today I found the most amazing thing...

Do you ever just get that feeling you need to look over at something.... it catches your eye... and its the GREATEST THING EVER.... well yeah, that happened today.

I was walking the dog and I look over and there it is!  One of those amazing balloons that sits low on the ground that you can walk it like a pet.  They sell them at the mall and make me smile every time I walk past.

Balloon Horse... Chillin on a wall. 
Anyways... I look over and a little baby horse balloon was chilling on the fence, stuck.  I was so overjoyed that I knew I had to take him with me for the remainder of my walk.   There was one issue though... the fence was set behind some bushes and foliage so I had to brave possibly spider infested plant life to get to him.  WORTH IT.

Sid and Horsey.... My pet doesn't need to be cleaned up after.  
After squealing with delight like a kid in a ... balloon store... I took my prize on the rest of the walk.  I can only imagine what the people we passed thought.  The BF walking the pup and me, walking my balloon.  They were clearly jealous.

Now I sit here as my three legged balloon pet dances in the fan breeze and I can't help but think... BEST WALK EVER.   It's a great day when things like this make you so happy.

Nothing to see here... just walking my pet balloon. 

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