Friday Phone Photo Fun

Well so I'm not that good at keeping with the Friday Phone Photo Posts, but oh well.  Here is one.  Happy Labor Day Weekend Poppets!

Sid the Kid loves Paris apparently.  
The BF goes "She has your eyes... oh wait, let me check to see what colour your eyes are again..."  Ummm wow baby, thanks for making me feel special.

Coming soon, LockUp: the suburbia edition
 Saw this on my way to work one day.  Either all orange pant suits are the rage this season or they are filming a new LockUp... I mean Orange is the New Black right?

I  am sitting at home and I look over and there is a band aid stuck to the couch.  I mention this to gram and she goes "so?.." like it is completely commonplace to find band aids on couches.   Then continues her conversation.  My family is indeed unique. 

 We went with my boss to Greek food today at Hummus House... they had Non Alcoholic Apple Beer... so basically sparkling cider.  On the bright side, the chicken was halal and we had a lovely car ride, five stuffed into a four seater mini cooper, blasting "Party in the USA" and getting lost following my boss who cannot find his way to save his life.   It was a great lunch.

Erin made my day with a surprise coffee and a drawing that is me, piloting a plane.... I have no idea why everyone on board was scared! 

 Underwear Sweat.  Enough Said. 

Best Shirt Ever at Target.  

Happy Weekend!

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