Today I learned... Everything IS bigger in Texas

So today I learned that indeed, everything is bigger in the lone star state.

A coworker came to HQ this week for a visit from Texas.   She was telling me about this tradition in Texas in which a boy asks a girl to homecoming and give her a 'Homecoming Mum'.  According to her it originated as a flower with ribbons hanging off of it that was pinned to your chest like a corsage.  Sounds sweet enough right?

Apparently this Mum thing has gotten a little out of hand in recent years because it is not longer just a sweet flower with some ribbons... NO.... now these girls are wearing full on huge obstructions that look like the craft store threw up ... twice.  They are now giant ribbons and bears... they have bells, and some even have lights!  LIGHTS!  The bigger the better!  BLING BLING

In addition to the girls mum monstrosity, the boys have mum garters that are supposed to match and they wear them on their bicep.

Things are bigger.... and more ribbon filled... in Texas.

These are the Deluxe models in that they light up!  LIGHT UP

The ENTIRE craft store is on their necks!  


  1. I remember this tradition from when I lived in North Texas. I was not in the age group that participated but I saw many a mum-adorned teen girl around town (guys were not involved in the tradition back in the olden days).

    1. From what I understand the guy part is new. Those mums are like clothing rather than a flower.


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