What the kids are calling it... again.

Today I had yet another opportunity to say "that's what the kids are calling it these days?".  Good Lord so I feel old.  

For those of you who are out of the teen loop, here is a brief update on the lingo according to my teenage sisters... Brace yourselves.

1. GLOTI: Good look on the invite. (Thanks for the invite, Sarcastically)
    Used in a sentence:
    "We went to lunch today..." me
    "GLOTI! Geez!" Calle

2. Thot: a hoe.
According to Urban DictionaryOriginally standing for "that hore out there". (I suppose kids also cannot spell.)
   Used in a sentence: That girl is such a thot!"

3. Baump: You're wrong. 
   Used in a sentence: "mmmm baump!  Shut up!"

4. Bae: Before Anything Else (or a shortened form of Babe, because that extra 'b' really makes it too long)
   Used in a sentence: "He's my bae"

5. Simp: Can be a verb or a noun.  Basically meaning in touch with emotional side.
   Used in a sentence: "Let me simp to you / that guy is such a simp."

6. What's Gucci?: Another way of asking 'what's up?'
   Used in a sentence: "Hey bro!  What's Gucci?"

7. Fit: Outfit (because apparently saying the entire word is too time consuming)
   Used in a sentence: "I am feeling your fit today!"

8. TU: Turn up (Party)
   Used in a sentence: "This weekend we are gonna turn up!"

9. TD: Turn down, to be boring, stay home/stay in
   Used in a sentence: "Nah bro, I'm probably gonna TD tonight, it's been a long week."

10. TDFW: Turned down for what (why are you being boring?)
   Used in a sentence: "Bro, TDFW! You never come out!"

So this is what the kids are saying this days.  I feel so old and yet so glad to not be in that generation.  What every happened to words like Party, Staying in, and just the good old fashioned Ho?

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