The mouse that hybernated

I am terrible!  I have not blogged in forever.  It's not that nothing fun (completely freaking ridiculous) ever happens to me, I just am too much in the moment to remember to write it down.

So yesterday I ended up at my friend Erin's house after work.  Being mischievous as we are I decided to take her brother's computer mouse, navigate through all the wires of his vast computer fortress, and hide it for the sake of entertainment.

Now let me say this... Riley has a vast computer set up, and he has tons of stuff wired to that giant box that is the computer, but a mouse is pretty much key.

We hear him enter his room, sit down in the computer chair and then go "Where is my mouse?!?!?"

Erin and I proceed to hide in the pantry under the guise of looking for tomato sauce for dinner, trying not to look guilty as sin! Ry comes out and states "I know you took it!" to which Erin's son goes "Des didn't hide it!"


I proceeded to give Riley clues on where to find his precious mouse.

"He was tired, so I put him to bed..."

"He wanted to hibernate in a warm, dark place...."

"He is sammiched between two fluffy clouds..."

Riley looked and looked but did not think to look between the mattresses.  I sat for a good 30 mins giving hints I thought were marvelous... and let's face it... I'm so brilliant, but he did not get any of them!

So what was the clue that finally brought the good mouse home you may ask?  "Where would you hide your playboys?"

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