Crazy Conversations with the Fam... Part 343243

I've said this before... my family is a special kind of crazy... the kind in which outsiders look at us and go "WOW those people need some help!"  And you know what.... it works for us.

A conversation with my sister via texts:

C: Hey for Christmas taking me to see Britney
Me: Huh?
C: YOU are taking me to see Britney Spears
Me: Oh Say What?
C: Either Britney or tattoo (Does anyone remember when all your little sister wanted for christmas was Pool Fun Kelly?  What ever happened to those days?)
Me: I'm broke hun.  Going back to school means I'm dead broke...
C: Chump, Welcome to my life.
Me: Sorry boo
C: Sell your body for tickets (Because DUH I should have thought of that!)
Me: Wow okay.  Didn't think of that one....
C: Glad you're in

A conversation with my cousin while reading the advertisements in the Sunday Paper (because Yes, Gram does still get the physical, gets ink all over your hands, paper... Crazy right?!)

Cousin: Oh! A cross bow for 50 bucks!!!
Me: Don't be that person.
Cousin: A cool person who has a cross bow??
Me: I'm going to start writing this down for the blog...
Cousin: Just don't use my name... In case something goes down...
Me: What like a cross bow accident?
Cousin: No.... but accidents happen.....


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