If my Mother and I were drug dealers...

In preparation for Christmas, Hurricane Mom rolled through my house this weekend full of energy and crazy... This is one of the ensuing conversations:

Mom: I got you something you'll love for Christmas... I searched high and low for it...

Me: Is it drugs?

Mom (and mind you she doesn't skip a beat): Its a sample pack, a little of everything...

Me: Oh, like those Whitman's Chocolate Samplers?

Mom: Yeah, I mean you never know, each person is different so a sample pack makes sense... so you can adequately figure out what works best for your own body.

Me: Dude, that makes sense... Why don't drug dealers do that?  It would bring in SO MUCH MORE business!

Mom: Exactly!  I think we found our next career path!

So there you have it... And people wonder why I'm nuts... I got it from my mama.

Yep, totally got it from her.. 

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