How I ended up with a Hamster...

I honestly think I should just delete my Facebook, and here is why.  So many people are getting married and having babies... and every time I see it my nurture brain kicks in (made worse by PMS, Over share, I know)  It totally sucks.  It's like "Hi, I'm your irrational Nurturing gene.  I see you are sitting home alone doing homework... talking to yourself and drinking wine..."  And I'm like... "Thanks scumbag gene! DON'T JUDGE ME!"

To prove this point I have been sitting here thinking I need an apartment pet. Yes I know...

I went through the gamut of possible small pet ideas:  dog(no time to train), cat (Ryan is allergic and hates them, I think he was secretly chased by one as a kid), fish (they die to fast), rabbits (they smell), sloths (only illegal in the state of CA, no big deal) 

I almost got Hermit Crabs at the mall yesterday but the man wanted $50 for them and that was a little steep... I actually almost cried (the PMS may have had a little something to do with that).  I even had names picked out.  Herman and Velma Munster.  The funniest part of that story is that while I was at the mall, at the hermit crab kiosk, the man asks me how old the kids are. I looked at him, perplexed, and he says "you know, the ones you are buying for..." to which my ever so kind hearted cousin goes "She's the kid..." Thanks G! 

So today, with me renewed sense of need... I went to the pet store to get a cage so I could go back and get that hermit crab. While I was there I was browsing small animals section (I really should not be allowed to shop alone) and I came across hamster cages.  They were on sale for $9! And, they were PINK.  SOLD. 

So I casually wonder over to the various rodent habitat and start to look at the animals.  
Rats: too big.  Mice: too much memory of feeding them to the pet snake.  Chinchillas: too damn expensive.  Hamster: BINGO!  

After my brilliant hamster discovery I track down a sales person at PetCo... "Excuse me sir, what can you tell me about these hamsters?" 

I do not know what came over me, but I impulse bought a hamster today. Yes, the Nurture Gene made me buy a small, furry creature to love on.  I know I know.  

This is Missy.  Gram named her.  
When I got home, my cousin told me I was nuts.  My rational?  studies have shown that cats and dogs reduce stress and help improve quality of life so I am sure this somehow relates to all small fury creatures right?  Sound logic!  The logic of a law student! (?) 

This would all be fine and dandy if the hamster liked me.  As of now we are off to a rough start.   I want to hold her and love her and I feel like I might give her tiny hamster heart a heart attack.  I think she hates me.  I tried to get her to come out of the tube by poking her in the butt with a carrot which I think means that I battered her (under the legal sense of course).  Let's hope this gets better before the nurture gene makes me get something bigger next time... Like a horse. 
Missy staring at me with contempt as she eats her pellets. 

Pretty sweet PINK hamster condo.  

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