Law School Love Life

So I am borrowing this from The Bloggess because frankly it reminded me I have neglected my sad blog.

I have started law school and officially have survived my first two weeks.  (survived being subjective of course)

I am sure that in the course of the next three years of studying and insanity there will be many a Law School posts to share, so forgive me for the neglect.

As I am currently spread out at the table, drinking coffee and working on Crim Law homework, this is my sentence: 

“The government did not, at any time, allege the Skilling solicited or accepted side payments from a third party in exchange for making these misrepresentations”
Criminal Law and Procedure, 12th ed.
Apparently this is the love life of a law student?  Well they always say Law school is a harsh mistress.  Apparently to is Enron embezzlement and misrepresentation of assets.  I'm just sayin'.  

First Day of Law School

End of second week... still standing.

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