Angry Little Breed

So I was looking through the notes on my phone and discovered this little gem from when Ryan was here:

"I'm gonna throw rocks at all the windows.  Like an angry leprechaun!!" -Ryan

"Since when are leprechaun's angry?"- Me

"Google it! Wikipedia it! They are an angry little breed!"- Ryan

Sometimes I really think I need to just record this stuff as it happens, at least then I'd remember what the context was because as of now, all I can remember is that we were sitting on the couch, obviously talking about being vindictive towards someone's windows.  

What windows?  I do not know. What were we mad about?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Are leprechauns inherently perturbed?  According to Ryan, Yes, yes they are. 

*Update: Ryan has informed me that we were discussing the malicious breaking of all the crappy windows we have in our apt because they are single pane glass and let all the noise and the cold air in...

He has also stated that it is my fault we can no longer do this because I put it onto the internets and we now are no longer anonymous.  Way to give up so easily RYAN! *

Another reason they are angry apparently. 

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