Over the freeways and through the traffic, to Grandmother's house we go...

Today I took Bogart on his first car trip with me, and I learned just what a terrible driver I am.

Let's preface this with the fact that I drive a manual car.  For those of you who do not know what this is, it means I have to actually shift my own car gears... which means sometimes the ride is less than smooth.

Bogart, being the little curious bug he is, has yet to grasp the concept of sitting down quietly in a seat.  He decided that he had to a half stand/sit/levatate on the incredibly small center console while I drove.  He managed to do this odd move pretty well but every time I hit a bump, shifted, stopped, slowed down in standard SoCal traffic, he realized how shaking his footing was on the teeny tiny center console and flailed around like a fish out of water.  

One would assume after the first time I stopped and he flailed he would learn, but no.  I even broke my cardinal rule and let him sit in the front seat, thinking maybe this would help, NOPE.  He then proceeded to sit backwards on the center console.

Guess this means I'm pulling out the doggie puppy seat that someone gave me forever ago in an attempt to keep the pup from flailing like a total goober.
perched like a bird on the console

Yes, he did sit like this for a good 10 mins.  Check out that tush! 

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