Dogs with Socks... I don't have a problem...

Recently, thanks in part to my dear friend Tara and her tiny baby Puff, I have become OBSESSED with the idea of buying Bogart socks.   (It's not my fault RYAN!  Puff made me do it!)

Puff, the one who started it all... That face!

I know you are all rolling your eyes thinking to yourself, "oh gosh, not one of those dog people".... and I can honestly say... I might have a teensy problem, yes, but you are all just as amused as I am by photos of Dogs in Socks!  Don't deny it.  You're laughing out loud, maybe trying to stifle a quick chuckle... but you are amused.  So you can't judge!

So up until the last few weeks, I was only that person who was obsessed with her dog put shirts etc on the dog.  Then, thanks in part to instagram, and in part to how damn cute my friend's dog looked in dog socks, I knew I had to get Bogart a pair.

Yesterday at Petsmart (I really should not be allowed within 500 feet of that store because I have a pet obsession) I found a pair of socks on sale!  (Sale Ryan! that means I HAD to get them.  Think of all the money I saved!) Not only were they the cutest, tiniest things I'd ever seen, they were also KERMIT THE FREAKING FROG.   This seemed clandestine.  My aunt Yamina calls my gram Petites cuisses de grenouille... which translate to "little frog legs"... well Bogart has very tiny boney frog legs...  Just. Like.  Gram.... Say it with me... PERFECT.

Come at me Ladies!

This poor dog, I don't know why he loves me as much as he does... but he did not seem to mind the socks on bit.   My other baby, Bella on the other hand, was not amused.  My cousin G is sitting over here telling me I have a problem and she can't imagine when I have kids of my own... but to that i have two things to say:

    1. It's only a problem if I start putting the neighborhood animals in socks!  Can you imagine, like how people graffiti things, or put goggly eyes on random neighborhood objects?  Like a drive by socking... Just picture looking down and suddenly your cat/dog/horse/iguana is wearing a cute pair of socks.  I personally thing this is a far better form of expression than graffiti... and a little more fun than Googly Eyes because I would be helping the animals keep their feets warm.  You're welcome fellow pet owners!   However I will not because that would be expensive to get so MANY socks, and frankly that would make me the mother Theresa of cold footed animals Crazy.

    2. After my rant with the first item I cannot seem to remember by second rebuttal.... Oh yeah. My kids will be SO WELL DRESSED! BOOM.

"You're embarrassing me MOM"

Even Gram tried them on. 

She took hers off right away
Not so amused

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