A quick update on delirium...

I have been a bad blogger... BAAAAD Blogger.

Here is my quick update on my life, which some may call excuses, I call....yeah, excuses.

-Law School: Semester two of law school started this week.  Can you believe it?  Second semester?!  The first flew by so rapidly  that I honestly cannot even remember it.  Its like I looked up and all of the sudden it was finals.

In that regard, I am obviously crazy for taking four classes in 10 weeks... one of which is a saturday.  I am so exhausted with homework and work that dread putting on pants because those are too much work to put on.  Yes, I will admit, I have a high distain for things such as pants ... but now it's more than normal!

As of late, I have found that at any given moment words are swirling around in my head like "Contract of adhesion" and "Discovery".... I wake up mumbling to myself about "Tortious interferences" and "Attractive Nuisances".  Most people think about what to eat for lunch, what to do after work, what to watch on T.V.... my brain is swirling legal jargon.  Random people can walk up and ask me how my day is and be greeted with answers like "Res Ipsa Loquitor!"

-Work.  Working while in law school.... I don't know how people do it full time because part time with all the homework is ridiculous!   I also don't understand those that don't work because I want to know where they are getting the money for their bills from!  Is there some sort of camel selling ring that I can get into ?  Are there applications to find my trust fund parents? (Just throwing out there, if anyone has seen them please let them know I'm looking for them and they can show up at any time!)

Seriously, how do all these kids who don't work actually live life?  Who pays the bills?  Do they even know what rent is?  Is there a way to get out of rent on some sort of law school clause? "Excuse me, landord, I'm in law school.... so yeah...." Pretty sure that would have me homeless in now time.  Homeless, talking to myself in legal jargon and pant less because let's be real, pants are too much work when you're so exhausted from staying up all night mumbling black letter law to yourself.

-The man.  Where it not for him I might go crazy.  I really thing Ryan should be given some sort of sainthood for putting up with the water works that occur every time a grade posts, or the delusions that occur from being so tired.   All while he is working crazily hard.  Seriously, I don't know if he knew what he was signing up for, but he is amazing for being so supportive for all of this.

So that's my update.  I'm going to go back to sitting in class looking forward to a nap after class...  I'll try to post more as I can.... especially the stories of my shenanigans which only seem to get worse the more exhausted I get.

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