Conversations with my Cousin.

After licking an envelope: ew eweweweweww. You would think after years and years they would make the glue taste better... *shudders*

G: Why don't you get one of those little wet licker things... you're supposed to use that..

Me: 'cuz ain't nobody got time for that!

G: you know how they make that glue?  They use hooves... Lots of hooves.  Horses, cows... HOOVES.  It's not good for you.

Me: I will spit this glue taste at you.  Do NOT make me camel spit my glue spit at you.  Because I will!

G: Why would you spit at me?! I'm just the messenger. I'm just trying  to help you!  Don't shoot the messenger.

Me: Seriously.  Don't make me go all Camel on you!

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