The Waiting Game

So guess what... I applied for a law school transfer.  And I am now sitting here, staring at the computer playing the waiting game. Praying praying praying that I get into this new school.   The waiting game is killer.

I love my school.  I love my teachers, and most of my classmates.  Why did I apply for a transfer you ask? Well simple, my school is a Cal Bar accredited institution.  This means that the Bar of the State of California approves of its practices, curriculum and teaching and that upon graduation I can sit for the California Bar Exam.

Which is great, but the problem is this:  If you graduate from a State accredited school, rather than from an ABA (American Bar Association) school, you are very limited as to where you can practice.   So, I could sit for the Cal Bar, assuming I pass the exam I can practice in the Sunny State of California.  Most states will not accept me because of the school I am attending.  The state we would eventually like to end up in will take me, but I have to do the following: Graduate (3 years), Sit for Bar and get results (6 months to a year), then Practice law in the State of California for a period of time (5 Years) then partition the new state to take their bar which means sitting for their Bar Exam and waiting another 6 or more months for results.   If you add that up that is a period of .... hold on math is not my strong suit.... 10 YEARS!!!!

This might not seem like a lot, but if you are a super over the top, by the calendar of life, planner like me, this simply will not do!  I want to be settled in far before that 10 year mark, finding a house, starting a family, working a career.  Thus the transfer app.

So now I sit here, waiting to hear back on my future, anxious beyond reason.  And the worst part, even if I get into this new school, it is FAR more expensive than my old school and I will have to take out loans which I did not want to do....(AKA please go onto my GoFundMe page and help me!)

Overall, I am terrified.  Just under the surface all I can think about is what if I don't get in, what if I can't afford it, what if I can't get loans, what if I never get to just start my life?

The waiting game.... Not fun at all.

UPDATE: This does NOT mean I am moving out of state any time soon.  I want to finish law school in California if possible FIRST.

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