People of Target

So, as I get ready for the big move, to a brand new state, I figured I'd take a quick break from buzzing around my house like a cracked out humming bird, to update you on some shenanigans that happened today.

Have you heard about that blog People of Wal Mart?  Well let me tell you about my People of Target experience.

Now let me start with this: I LOVE TARGET.  There is always something I NEED and cannot live without so don't make me Ryan! want and there is always something new.   Today however, target took a turn for the ... interesting.

Cue: Lady with no shoes.   I'm standing in line... minding my own business and debating what else I could possible get without Ryan killing me because frankly why do I buy more stuff when we are packing everything up to move anyways?  (I have a  problem)!  I look over and there is a mid fifties woman without shoes.  No shoes.  None in sight.  Just walking around Target.  Like it's no big thing.  The worst part?  Her daughter was with her.  And didn't even care!  No one wanted to tell her that she was missing a key piece of her ensemble?!  Guess not.
My covert photo skills were not up to par, but she is in fact not wearing ANY shoes. 

After the shoeless wonder I FINALLY made it to the register.  Side note: don't you hate how every time you get to any register you do the register dance.  The one where you become a statistics whiz in your head, calculating the amount of items in a  basket, times the amount of people in front of you, times the average speed of the planet Venus, minus cake?   Yeah, you know what I mean, where you calculate the PERECT line that will be fastest and shortest... only to be DEAD WRONG and end up behind the COUPON lady!  Yeah... that happened.  So imagine how excited I am when a cashier comes up to me and goes "I'll help you here!"

Pretty damn excited.... She rings up my items.  $51.60.  I have $50 in cash in my wallet.  I hand her that $50 and tell her I want to put the rest on my card (I know, don't judge).   You would assume this is an easy request?  NO!   She somehow puts $54 into her computer and tries to give me BACK $2 and some change.  I politely tell her that I actually owe her money.   She doesn't get it and tries to give me more money back.  She eventually tries to hand me $54 dollars.   I am trying to explain I gave her only $50.  So she hands me $50, does NOT zero out my transaction, and sends me to customer services.

What?!?!  I now have $50 dollars and a basket of goods that I have a receipt for.  (Don't freak out... I paid for it!)   But because of Karma, the Universe, and being a generally good person, I went to customer service and properly paid.

I will say this, for fact that I live at love Target, that was probably the weirdest trip I have ever been on.

Now back to your regular programing and my annoying packing.

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