Engineer Brain Love Loyalty Programs

So I get home from work and Ryan and I are chatting, here is what I learned:  Engineers are all about the math.  


Ryan: "So I didn't finish my story.... So I was at Hooters. " 

Me: "I love when a story starts this way... 'So I was at Hooters....'"

Ryan: "Well I mean it's tuesday.... we have the membership card... "

Me: *laughs hysterically* 

Ryan: "well you know.. it is a punch card... and tuesdays are two for one punches...." 

Me: "And you're punching what now... cards.... " 

Ryan:  " Well it makes sense logically... If you get X amount of punches you get $8 off your meal so logically you want to get more punches.... "

Of course.  This whole story is coming from an engineer so it ACTUALLY does make sense logically.  The point of the story in the end.... He burned his mouth on hot wings.  What I took from it:  Engineers would look at Hooters as a math problem.  

PS: Did you know Hooter's now has a loyalty program?!?

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