A week in recap

It has officially been one week.  One week since I have been in Phoenix.  What a week this has been.

Here are a few things that happened// I learned// I accidentally did but it wasn't totally my fault, this week.  (Sorry this is a novel, and not even a good novel about a gnome say, who goes on a mission to find himself in a foreign land and discovers love, Nutella and a secret wizard.)

Friday- (as in  a week ago)-
    Ryan and I packed up the Uhaul thanks to our friend Alex.  We anticipated it would take us two or so hours to pack all of our tiny apartment into a 20 foot truck.  It took something akin to 5 or 6 hours. 5 hours of cursing, sweating and smashed fingers later, we embarked to make a pit stop at grams to pick up MORE of my crap precious goodies that I cannot live without. At about 8 pm we FINALLY (seriously this time) left for good ol' AZ.  Ryan driving the big U'haul and me in my car... dying slowly.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a night person.   At all.  Period.   I go to bed at around 10... at the latest.  I get madder than a momma bear who  has lost her bunny, babies and fish when I get tired.  And.... I just want to close my eyes and sleep.  The drive for me was a nightmare.  Ryan on the other hand is a creature that thrives on the night and lack of sleep.  This kid can stay up till the wee hours and be okay.  We finally arrived at his parent's house at 1:30 am and called it a night.

Saturday-  We had to do a few miserable things.  1) Wake up early after only 4 hours of sleep.  2) drive 5 hours to Riverside. 3) Pick up Ryan's car. 4) Drive 5 hours back.   By the end of Saturday nothing but a comfy bed made sense to me.

Sunday- Ryan's Gram has a surprise 90th birthday party.   I do love me some old people.  At this party I had the opportunity to meet Ryan's whole family.  They are HUGE like my family, full of noise and fun.  And they are all REALLY nice.  It was such a fun experience.  And his gram.... She reminds me so much of my gram.  Full of fire and spunk.

   Monday we FINALLY got to move into the house.  We have a house!  well we are renting a house, but still.... the closet... HUGE.  I promise to post photos as soon as it doesn't look like a BOMB went off in my living room, my hallway, my bathroom, my closet, my kitchen.... you get the point.   We are putting everything together slowly but surely and should be done soon.  :)
T and Ryan.  and their unfashionable white pants.

Tuesday- I saw my first Scorpion.  I almost cried.  LITERALLY.  I started to tear up, freaked out and thought about running back to California.   Ryan and T went to the store, bought a mallet, black lights, spider spray and an electric fly swatter and set out on a mission to de-pest the garage.  I went to bed.   The stories the next day were of brutal death to only two scorpions and a few large spiders.  I think the boys just wanted to feel like action heroes but they have sufficiently made me feel better.  (I still scan the ground in case... )

He got run over... Sorry not sorry. 
Wednesday- more organizing.   I somehow misplaced the ONE box that has the screws to the TV mount and the couch legs.  NO idea where I put this. Sorry Ryan!

Thursday. - got my school ID photo taken (which looks like a mug shot!) and then Ryan treated us to a fun day at the science center!!!  We were kids for the day enjoying playing with EVERYTHING.    And I witnessed my first desert storm.  Seriously, clouds come out of NOWHERE and then boom!  Thunder, lightening (not in that order... OBVI) and rain.  It was actually pretty cool... mostly because I was inside and could sit from the quite comfort of my house watching.  
Science Center Date. 

Friday- this brings us to.... TODAY in my novel narrative.  Today was orientation at school.  I went to a sentencing hearing in federal court (WHICH WAS AWESOME!).
Seriously, could this be any worse? 

Classes start next week so wish me luck.  :) I have so far managed to only get lost once (isn), only find one random animal that needed saving (I gave it back don't worry!) and I have yet to scratch or dent my car.   I also have not tripped,   cried (much) or had any major breakdowns.  And this, my friends, is how I could my victories.

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