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So I am taking a few minutes out of my UBER productive morning to spend a little time on the blog. I find that when I am avoiding homework I turn to cleaning... I know right... who does that?!   So the entire house is clean and fresh... now to blog, maybe get the mail, go to the gym.... then get some reading done.

As promised, I am posting some photos of the house.  We are finally getting all settled in, getting into the swing of school for me and work travel for Ryan.   Arizona is defiantly a different place than Cali, and I'm both loving it and really missing CA.  More than anything I am finding I miss my family and my pup.   I call Gram at least 43243256 times a week and she doesn't seem to mind so that's good!

Some photos of the backyard.  My favorite part is that there are TONS of birds that come visit.  Including Jorge the woodpecker.   They are elusive and kinda DIVAS so they won't get me get any decent photos!  How rude is that!

 Closet is HUGE!  :)  Now I need more clothes to fill it with...

My photo wall.  If there is one thing that I love it is taking photos and having photos everywhere.  Especially of my family.  These people are my entire world.  And look how beautiful they are.

Dinning Room.  We bought an actual functioning table.  Those of you who remember the apartment know that our table was mostly just for show as the chairs were so old and rickety that sitting on them was at your own risk and you were likely to at some point end up on the floor.  This table is ACTUALLY functional and the chairs are sturdy.  Don't mind my books and school crap on the table.

Kitchen from the living room.  Love the amount of space we have.  I have more cupboards than things to fill them with.

 Living Room.  Don't mind my shoes!  Totally loving the set up.  We are looking into getting a new and better couch.  And those amazing chairs... Ryan and T got those for free from a neighbor  Totally love them.

Entry way kinda.... that mirror.... from Gram's house.  It has to be close to 40 years old.

Hallway.  The only issues I'm encountering is there is SO MUCH TILE.  I need to invest in one of those steamers or something to clean it all.  Swiffer is not cutting it.

The music room.   This is still a HUGE work in progress which is on hiatus as Ryan is traveling this week.   He and T are setting up so they can do ... whatever it is they do.


For all the baths I have not taken yet.

Bedroom looking into bathroom.  Need to finish putting away some stuff.

So there you have it.  Our little house.  Not photoed:  T's room and bathroom.

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