You know you're in law school when....

Can you believe it...two posts in one week?!  

You know you're in law school when...

1. You have scoped out every coffee shop in a 5 mile radius of the school.  And you have rated them based on caffeine content, food and the snobiness/friendliness of the baristas.

2. You have staked out a study table and you get CRAZY if people come near it. 
          Let's be real, you all know how this is.  That spot is your law school home.  You don't want any strangers trespassing in your home.   Now that I'm thinking of it, I should totally make a no trespassing sign for my table.   Then everyone would know not to use it.  And that if they came in I could sue them. (theoretically because technically the table is property of the school but I am claiming squatter's rights and what not) 

3.  You just had an entire pros and cons argument in your head as to whether or not you can claim rights to a table at your school. 

4. You trip and fall in public and your first thought is not "wow that's embarrassing" but rather "Negligence. Negligence EVERYWHERE!"

5. You and your friends ID yourselves by which judges you find funny. 

6. You own a mental plethora of legal pun shirt but you cannot afford them in real life because you are crushed by student loan debt.  

7. You understand the struggle of one of your highlighters dying before the rest. 
    Doesn't everyone color organize their highlights and notes?!?  

8. You make your work friends quiz you on intentional torts.  

9. You educate all your non law school friends on the latest legal news (despite the fact that they really do not care) 

10. You would rather clean your entire house than read another case brief. 

11. IRAC 

12. You now read EVERY contract that comes in front of you.  Word.  For.  Word.  
    Bonus points when you think "I could so write that clause better"

13. Your idea of fun is sitting in court.  
    This is so true.  We LOVE a good court room 

14. There is still a group of kids who act like the "in crowd".  I thought this was law school, not high school. 

15. Your friend tells you she spend her weekend whiteboarding and color coding an outline for class and your first thought is "WOW what a great way to spend the weekend!!" And you MEAN IT! 

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