In an effort to avoid doing homework I am going to blog.  It was a toss up between writing a blog post, going to the gym, and obsessively cleaning the house.   Blogging won. Surprised?

So, presently I am frustrated.  I am stressed, tired and homesick and trying to find the easiest remedy. My solution... the internets. (Obviously) So for your viewing reading pleasure Seriously, Run while you still can, 20 Random Facts about my life.  Enjoy.

1.  My first CD ever was Hansen.  Not ashamed one bit.  Although when I first heard them on my friend's disc man I thought they were girls.

2. I have a photoallergy to sunscreen.  Yes, this does suck.  Basically if I use sunscreen and go in the sun, I get a huge rash and am itchy and miserable for a week.   Defeats the purpose no?

3.  Once I brought home a duck.  Gram was not pleased.

4. In high school I was running track in P.E. with a friend and we tripped on each other.   I skinned my knees and had to go to the nurse.  My mom STILL makes fun of me for this.  Although my lack of coordination comes from her so should she really be judging?  Apple doesn't fall far from the tree MOM!.

5. I LOOOVE champagne.

6. When I first got my license, I rear-ended another student's car.  He was new to driving and so was I and it didn't damage his car.  I never told my parents.  They asked me later why there was a dent in my bumper. I told them I (1) hit a bunny.  I later told them I (2) hit a light pole at school.  Later when they asked I said (3) "WHAT?!?!. Years later I told my mom what actually happened.

7. My old puppy had a doggie car seat in my car.  True story.  He didn't mind one bit.

8. Once, while making nachos in the oven, I lit my kitchen on fire.  My mom was not pleased when she came home.

9. When driving home from work one night, years ago, I had my window down a small bit.  I thought a leaf had come in and landed on my arm.  It was a GIANT WHITE SPIDER.  I almost crashed and then had to pull over to try to find him.  Could not find him, drove 25 miles per hour the rest of the way home so I could keep looking for the spot he disappeared.  The next day, my uncle, who was visiting from France, had to go out and bug spray my car before I would even consider driving again.

10. The first time I ever met my boyfriend's step mom, I was so nervous, I tripped on the entry way step and she had to catch me.  That same weekend I threw a dart that stuck into their nice pool table.   I think they like me though!

11. Someone was giving away a cat down the street from my house... I am not allowed to bring home any animals.  So I took it to my mom's house while she was at work, my sisters and I got it all set up with a litter box, food, toys.  When she came home she was mad.  She was more mad when she went to the restroom and discovered we had a whole set up going.  She still reminds me of this.

12. I once had two fish named Jumpy Fish and Grumpy Fish.  Guess which one was grumpy.

13. I hate rollercoaters.  They make me sick.  

14. When I was young, I could quote the entire little rascals movie.

15.  I recently watched Spiceworld because it is on netflix.  And because SPICE WORLD!

Okay so that's only 15, but I'm running out of things to say!  And I really need to start my homework// procrastinate another 15 minutes.

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