Law School Games

So I have never seen the hunger games, but I imagine it to be a lot of people fighting to the death.  (yup, just googled it.)

At my school there are study rooms, which are basically small rooms (the goods ones have windows!) with a table and chairs in which you can... study (duh).   The study rooms in the library fill up fast and are basically akin to beach front property with everyone wanting one.  

Today went to the library to find a study room to no avail.  So rather than go anywhere else, I find another spot in a cubicle type thing, near a window (I really like light people) and sit down.  I observe a friend leaving his study room. So I immediately get up with a book to go claim it.  As I am walking over a less than friendly girl gets up with her lunch box.  I assume to take it to a fridge.  NOPE.  The bitch not so kind hearted law student swooped my. study. room!   WHO DOES THIS!   Not only that.. she thereafter refused to make any eye contact with me.  If you're going to be a big bag study room swoopy pants at least make eye contact!  Everyone knows that!

Appalled, I went back to the desk I was sitting at to regroup.  Why oh why people do we feel the need to get so crazy?  I knew law school was competitive but seriously?  SWOOPING STUDY ROOMS?!  THAT is an entirely new low that I had not yet witnessed.   May the odds be in your favor fellow law students  (but not you, swoopy McSwoops! May the odds not be in your favor!) NONE FOR YOU SWOOPY!

End Rant.

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