A day in my brain

Since I am at a loss for what to blog, you will all get one day of live (isn) blogging from my brain.

Well rather after the fact but I am writing it down as I go along.   Stay tuned for the end of day craziness.

Starting out well...

Coffee and Pizza, breakfast of champions.

I should take a photo of that.   Does that make me look like a fatass?  I wish instagram had a strikethrough option for your captions.

Yeah, that happened (took photo)

SPIDER!!!!  oh wait, that’s just my hair.  False alarm. 

Cold COLD COLD: what IS this place?!?!?   I need warm socks.  I wish I could turn the fan off with my mind powers.  Or the remote.   Mind power would be WAY cooler though.  Damn you feeble mind.  

Move people or I will run you over.   

Holy hell man… I know, the parking garage guy is a cool dude, but you don’t need to have a full convo with him while I’m waiting to get into the garage  

Study Couch, Study Couch… I wonder if they ever vacuum, study couch.  (to the tune of "spider man")  

I wonder if I should make Ryan take away the netflix password until after finals.  Can I self regulate? Do I contain such self control? Probably not. 

hello peeps, life isn’t that hard.  You can do it.  

that’s right lady. this is MY study couch.  you keep on walking.  KEEEPPP walking.   Nah, this ain’t yo couch.  BOOOM

Guy in the next alcove cleared his throat.  I wonder if I should so the same… like a  "marco" "polo" throat clearing battle royal.    Nope, can’t do it with the gusto he did.  I lose.  Damn. 

I need to do some property outlines.  I’m actually excited.  I hope this excitement stays till I get home.  

DOG!  Ohhh da puuupppyyyyyyyyy I love puppies.  I need a service dog so I can take them EVERYWHERE.   I should get Bella Certified as one.  I am emotionally unstable and cannot function without my pup.  DONE. 

Listening to some people talk about a stupid foundations thing that is due next week.  SHIT I have so much homework.  I hate listening to other people talk about homework.  And they are green bean new 1Ls so they freak about EVERYTHING. Hello people, you are encroaching on my couch space.  I don’t much care for sharing.  OR spending time with you all…. Cute shoes….. but still. NOT okay.  walk away peeps.  

Dawg your headphones.  OH snap, that is loud headphone guy.  Dude, I don’t want to hear your musical choices.  MAKE IT STOP.  

DOG.  Again.  How do I get that pup.  

DAyyyyuummm  that is a LOUD roller backpack.  If you backpack is loud enough to sound like a car engine, you might have a problem. 

Property is fun.  Well not fun… but it makes sense.  

UGH registration.  I want to scream!   

Why is getting a freaking transcript so hard. 

From the corner of my eye, that guy’s backpack looks like one of those weird bead things that are always in Dr. offices. With the beads on the wires that kids play with.  I wonder what they call those?  

OH man, that guy has a full on porn stachce.  I wonder why his GF is so cool with it. 

Bona Fide is such a weird word.  It bothers me.  

AND that was as far as I got ... because apparently my brain bored me.  

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