You know you're a grown up when....

Today I came to the realization that I'm slowly becoming a full fledged grown up.  When did this happen?

You know you're a grown up when....

(1) You have to call you high school age sisters to find out what the latest internet fad means.

Yes, this actually happened.  I had to call my sisters to find out what the hell "Alex from Target" was and if I missed something. If you're curious: you missed nothing, it's just some weird thing the "youths" are into.

(2) You use the word "youths".

(3) Kids call you ma'am.  -  Three different kids called me ma'am on halloween.  And it wasn't even just small children... it was Jr. High and High School kids.   I'm not that old you ... you.... YOUTHS!!!

(4) You get a blister mopping the floor.  I mean honestly, who makes tile that is porous!??!?  Dirt gets stuck in it and mopping in like a damn workout.  Forget the gym... just mop my floor.!!

EDIT*: I have been informed that the floor is "STONE" and it is "VERY NICE".  Form over function I guess.

(5) You really don't know if you want to ask Santa for that DSLR you've had your eye on, or a REALLY super nice vacuum because you vacuum so much you are sick of the fact that your current, only costs $40 at Target vacuum, doesn't suck up anything!

(6) You actually plan where you go out with friends based on proximity to your home.  Driving 30 or more minutes to get drinks?!?  Who has time for that!  It seriously cuts into my bedtime guys!

(7) When class is cancelled, instead of sleeping till 1, you get up and deep clean the house.

(8) Yard work.  Yeah, that's a thing. Moreover... having a yard!  Yeah, also a thing.

(9) The friends you grew up with are getting married, having kids, buying houses.  When did this all happen?  When did we all grow up!  Moreover, I have friends on their second or third kids!

(10) When you have to write a blog post about how old you feel.

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