Gifts for the Pet Lover in your life!

Finals are coming in hard and fast.... so as a way to relieve the stress.... and keep from jumping off the roof, I am writing a blog post (I'm wild, I know)

Since Christmas is also coming in hard and fast, here is a list of horrendous awesome gifts for your loved ones.... the pet edition.   Yes, I know, getting that pet lover in your life the perfect gift can be a daunting task- almost as daunting as telling them that "yes, those matching dog and person christmas sweaters are purrrfect for the Christmas card".  But have no fear, I am here to help!

1. Puppy Tweets-   Now you no longer have to wonder what you pet is doing at home all day!  Because guess what, they can tweet you their wild activities.  "Took a nap!  Crushed it!"  "Sniffed by butt.... Yummm"  "Chased the cat!  He bit me!"  All tweets you can maybe get from your little loved pup.   I know, brilliant right?!?

2. The Gold Fish Walker- Now that fish owner in your life doesn't have to take a lonely stroll through the park!   The fish walker lets them take those nearest and dearest to their hearts with them everywhere.  You don't have to leave jumpy and grumpy fish at home any longer!   Fish owners will rejoice at such a clever and much needed gift.  

3. Hamster Necklace:  Speaking of taking your pets with you everywhere, here is the perfect solution for the rodent lover in your life!  Your hamster can run around your neck while you sit in a boring business meeting.  Nothing spices up those conference calls like the urine of an excited hamster running down your neck!  And, I have it on good authority that hamsters love nothing more than feeling like they are in the Northridge quake every time you walk down the hallway.  Win Win for you and your tiny critter.    What's even better? -- the creator of this necklace has an entire line of "living jewelry"!

4.  Wearable Ant Farm:  Love the idea of wearing your pets around EVERYWHERE, but not really a pet person?  Don't worry!  The wearable ant farm is for you!  Nothing is low maintenance like ants in a bracelet.  Instead of watching the road, you can watch your ant colony building their tunnels!  The website even mentions that your arm hairs are somehow incorporated into your interaction with your ant army!  Yeah... nothing says fun like a forearm full of ant stings!

5. Pussy Pop:  Sadly I could not find a website that sells this (failure, I know) but I did find a fellow blogger who had purchased and TASTED IT!   For those cat lovers in your life who want to share a refreshing soda with their cat, look no further!  Pussy Pop was made for those movie nights with Kitty!  Pop open a beer for you, and some Pussy Pop for the cat and enjoy!  

There you have it!  Some wonderful gifts for the pet lovers in your life.  Stay tuned for the next much needed study break when I bring you "Gifts for the overly excited parent!" and "the Bathroom Gift Guide!"   

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