Bathroom gifts for all your loved ones

One final down, two left to go.   And to celebrate, I'm taking a small study break to write a blog.  I know.... I really am out of control these days. 

Here is party two of the horrendous awesome gifts for your loved ones.... the bathroom edition, for all those people on your list who will at some point need to evacuate their bladders or bowels.  Happy Shopping! 

1. Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper: Everyone hates when you have to get up to use the facilities in the dark and can't find the light switch... or the toilet paper!  It is literally the worst!  Now the internets have come up with a simple solution to this decades old problem.  GLOW IN THE DARK TP!  I know... where has this been all your life!?!   You'll never have to drip dry in the dark again.   Never mind that it is weird that something that is made to touch your most sensitive regions glows which I'm sure somehow causes cancer. 

2.  Re-usable toilet paper: For the "eco friendly" on your list.  Not quite daring enough for the glow in the dark role?  Don't worry!  Here is the solution for you.  Reusable TP!  Just wash, re roll and go!  You're saving the planet with every poo.   Not only will your green friend thank you, so will every tree saved!   This gift will basically make you a hero.  You're welcome. 

3. Thermal Urinal:  Hours of fun for the men in your life!   Install this thermal urinal wall and you'll never have to worry about stepping in mysterious liquids on your bathroom floor again!   At least not the urine kind.   I must say, this actually looks like it could be fun... the men in your life will never come out of the bathroom again when they can entertain themselves with tic-tac-toe the urine edition, Hangman, and drawing obscene photos on the walls.  Men.    

4. Go Girl: For the woman in your life!  Now they too can pee standing up.... introducing the Go Girl, female urination device.. in lavender!  The tagline itself sells it for me. "Don't take life sitting down"  Feminists will rejoice that they too can use the thermal urinal wall!  The only draw back to this lovely creation, it is hand wash only so sorry, you can't throw it in the dishwasher.   

5. Gotta Go Briefcase: Last but not least, the perfect gift for the traveler or businessman in your life... the Gotta go briefcase.   Morning black coffee kick in on your morning commute?  No problem.  Just pop open your snazzy briefcase, pull out the business section of the paper and relax.  Too many bran muffins before your flight to meet a client?  Long line for the lavatory?  No longer a problem.   First class seats will fit this briefcase perfectly!  You'll never need for an emergency toilet again!  And the best part.... it EVEN has a space for what appears to be a calculator and your pens! because nothing is worse than when your pens go missing.   

Stay tuned for the next finals break when I bring you gifts for the person in your life who is overly obsessed with their child.   

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