Kalefornia White Girl Problems

This month I got my new Arizona resident driver's license.  That was the last step toward making the move official.  To commemorate my new residency let me regale you with one of my stories from moving here.

To start with, Ryan assures me that the Wal Mart in Arizona is not ghetto.  Coming from California, Walmart if to be avoided at costs.   Well here the closest store is a Wal Mart Neighborhood Market.  In case you don't know what this it, it is a Wal Mart grocery store.  Yeah.... that's a thing.

So Ryan and T take me to go shopping for groceries.  Me, being the California White Girl I am (which is a special breed of white girl), pretty much had a meltdown.... in walmart.  Yeah, that happened.

It all started (and ended) in the produce section.  I don't know how many people have seen the produce section of Wal Mart but... wow.  In CA I was on a huge juice kick. (side note, I really need to start juicing again!)  I would have juice every day at lunch and loved juicing.  Nothing is better for a CWG (California White Girl) than some fresh, organic fruits and veggies from Sprouts for her juice.   So low and behold I am set into not only a different state, but a different produce department.  There really should be an anthropological study on what happens when you put a CA girl into a different produce section.

Finding myself stuck in this inferior supermarket for my veggies I had an initial panic attack, I regained my bearings and started picking up my supplies for a decent batch of juice.  Carrots, Ginger, Apples, Spinach... the apples were picked through, the carrots were not organic, the spinach was in a box... All of these things I was dealing with until....


Yes, you read correctly.  NO kale.  None.  At this point I started freaking out a little bit more.  Who can make a decent juice with any nutritional value without Kale?!?!  I mean really!  I eventually found some baby kale mixed with spinach in a box.  Had another meltdown but pulled through and made some sub par juice.

I have since moved past my crazy CWG tendencies, that and Ryan lets me now go to Sprouts for my produce at least! After much therapy, and binge watching the OC, I have since moved on and am feeling better about my new lot in life.   It was touch and go for a while, but I'm okay.

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