Gift ideas for the person obsessed with their kid

Here it is loves... the day before Christmas.  For those of you who are doing that last minute shopping, allow me to assist... Part three of my wonderful gift trilogy.... Gifts for the people in your life who are obsessed with their kids.

1. Crib Dribbler- So worried about your baby's hydration that you are losing sleepy?  Well have no worries... here is the crib dribbler.  Now your baby can keep hydrated and you never have to get up.   Just remember to change the bedding and thrown in some food every now and then.

2. Poop Alarm-  This is a real thing you guys!  An alarm that you put in your baby's diaper that alerts you when they pee/poop.  Best part.... It is wireless!  I sure hope they don't pull it out of the diaper after it goes off though.  

3. Baby Mop- Start those kiddos off early!  Put your baby in this adorable mop onesie and let them crawl across your dirty floors!  You will never have to sweep again!  And nothing is more sanitary than putting a baby on a dirty floor.  Gotta build that immune system somehow right? 

4. The Tasler- Know someone who has a terror for a child?  Give them this child taser!  It has lower volts, smaller barbs and is made in primary colors.  You can also purchase barb refills and if you order in bulk there is a discount! Perfect for teachers, parents, or those coworkers you hate.

5.  The Placenta Teddy Bear- Because eating the placenta is so last season.  You can now save that special part of the miracle of birth and turn it into your babies first nightmare teddy bear.  It is basically giving birth and going green all at once!  WIN WIN

Better rush out and get those last minute gifts.  Merry Christmas!

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