Want to feel old? What the kids are saying part 43243

Since I am SO OVER finals... and I am running out of ways to procrastinate (Yes, even went to gym as a homework break... I know.. I might be ill) here is the latest in the line of "that's what the kids are saying these days?!?!" to make you feel as old as I feel every time I go home.

I swear, sometimes going to talk to my sisters needs an urban dictionary all the time. They speak a different language.  Here are a few things I go out of them this last trip home:

Defined: Ignoring the facts.
"You sound slumped"

Defined: Family.  Someone you are being honest and real with
"I'm gonna be real with you fam"

Defined: Poppin' or awesome.
"This place is lit"
My sisters explaining it to me: "Not literally on fire though...metaphorically on fire."- Calle
"Because that would be bad, we'd have to call 911"- Rhi
"well depending on how lit"- Calle

Defined: When you agree with something someone says "I agree with that"
for us older people we'd say "Word" or "Preach"

Defined: Group of friends
"I'm out with my squad"

Squad goals
Defined: When you see a group of people you want you and your friends to be like.
"Damn those are some squad goals"

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