Adventures from Casa de la Awesome...

My family is crazy.  Is there a word that is Crazier than Crazy?  Because that's what they are.

So last week I went over to my Mom's house, fittingly called Casa de la Awesome (awww helll yeahhh), and my sister G decided that she wanted to take the cat for a walk.  Yes- I said cat.  And the sad thing is, this is not the first time he's gone for a walk, nor does he seem to mind too much.  Except that when I was there he was embarrassed because Bella my puppy was there.  Or such is the reason G claims he was being a total brat.
Gracie with Bella and MoFo

So then we went on a hike for Calle's class.  Oh that was an adventure.  Calle hates hiking, so that was a fun filled day.   We had to find plants for her science class to document.  That was an adventure with Mom and I stoping at every plant to say "I think that is on the list!"  Wow that was a mess. So we trudged through the ravine to Sycamore Canyon and may or may not have gotten lost.  Overall though it was a great adventure, with Calle complaining, G acting like a Disneyland tour guide and Cam doing squats to tone her thighs.  And let's not forget mom and her 'moses stick'.  She may have hit a few of us with it... accidentally?  I think not.  Coincidentally, that Moses Stick is now sitting in the dining room, and the girls have decorated it.   If one is going to have a Moses stick, they should have a stylish one, right?

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