Fat Jar Loser needs a workout.

Fat Jar Loser here.  My coworkers and I decided to create the "fat jar".  The basic rules were as follows:
1. Each day if you eat any one bite of something bad for you (chocolate, wine, candy, etc) you must put a dollar in the fat jar.
2.  You must also put a tally mark on the box to indicate your indiscretion for the day.
3. This counts monday through friday with weekends being free days.
4. The dollar you put in counts for the whole day.  So a max of a dollar a day.

So the start of this was okay, except that each time we put a dollar in the jar we basically took that as "must not waste that dollar" and ate like fatties the rest of the day.  I, being of poor self control and a sweet tooth to end all else, basically funded the fat jar.   At one point, I essentially just put a $5 in the box so I would have a credit going.   Pathetic, I know.

Now that the fat jar is over though, and Shazieh has run off with all the spoils of eating heathy, I have realized a few things:
    1. A little junk food is okay in moderation.  A cookie won't kill you as long as it's just one and countered by healthy eating and exercise.
    2.  My self control is zero, zilch, nada, and Pathetic. I'm such a fat ass.
    3. I really do need to get into shape.
    4.  I really need to stop entering in work contests.

Thus, the newest workout of the month.  Except let's hope this lasts a lot longer:

So, day one on this Max Capacity Training... my legs feel like noodles now.   It makes me sad that I am so out of shape.   But this is a great way to get back into shape.   So I suppose for all the bitching I will probably do about this workout, I'll actually be thankful.

Max Capacity Training - 12 Week Bodyweight Workout Plan

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